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With strong economic growth, rapid urbanization and a fast-rising middle class, Southeast Asia presents fantastic opportunities for companies distributing and selling products of all sorts, from consumer durables to clothing to fast-moving consumer goods. Yet some markets present better conditions than others, so knowing where and how to operate is essential.

Our team has extensive experience in working with wholesalers, distributors and retailers to discover new markets and optimize performance.

“For our Asia projects, the important and correct information is crucial. As part of a positive business development and strategic marketing, we pay very close attention to general market information and local challenges. To capture these in emerging markets like Vietnam and other ASEAN countries is difficult. The BDG team supported us very professionally and gave us all the necessary information and local insights for our decisions.”

Hans-Jörg Ehlers – Business Development & Marketing Asia, CONTINENTAL AG


How to bring your product to a market with over 600 million people?
How to find the best distributors and retail locations in 10 countries?

Case Study

  • Karlsberg – one of the largest breweries in Germany with over $650 million yearly turnover, various beverage brands and 60 markets worldwide.
  • Services: Vietnam market study & entry strategy, sales channels analysis, distributors mapping.

  • Contract with one partner and start first shipment after two months.

  • Research, including consulting industry insiders
  • Best practices of competitors
  • Contact logistic partners
  • Search & screen over 100 distributors
  • Visit and in-depth interview 40 distributors
  • Pre-select 10 most suitable distributors

Commercial INSIGHTS


Myanmar – a green field in the center of ASEAN

March 17th, 2017 by bdg-asia

Myanmar is one of the least developed countries in Asia with both unique opportunities and considerable obstacles for foreign investors. It can be seen as one of the last green fields in the most dynamic economic region in the world …

Annual meeting

Pessimistic view of Thai people on the country’s economic conditions

March 10th, 2017 by bdg-asia

Most Thailand citizen believe that the country’s economy has not improved or only improved slightly in 2016 as compared to the year before. This is the result of an option poll conducted by the Thailand National Institute of Development Administration …


Vietnam – The biggest market for beer in Southeast Asia

March 9th, 2017 by bdg-asia

With the consumption of 3.4 billion liters of beer in 2015, Vietnam is the biggest market for beer in Southeast Asia and ranked third in Asia after Japan and China.Enormous demandStatistics show that in 2008, Vietnam was the Asian number …


  • Market-Research / Studies
  • Market Entry Strategy, Distribution Channels
  • Sourcing Strategy / Supplier Evaluation
  • Business & Market-Strategy
  • Investment Feasibility & Financial Advisory

  • Sales / Purchasing Operation
  • Greenfield Investment
  • Recruitment, Interim-Management
  • Incorporation
  • Mergers / Acquisition

  • Profit / Productivity Improvement
  • Management Audit / Accounting / Administration
  • Turnaround, Transformation & Change
  • People Management
  • Intercultural Training / Seminar

Our experts have extensive knowledge of your industry and operational experience in every Southeast Asian country. With passion and integrity, our in-house team manages all client projects - nothing is ever outsourced.